Weerwoord Rotterdam

strategy & future scenario’s
Weatherwise Cities co-develops and initiates climate adaptation practices and strategies for the city of Rotterdam. Together with citizens, local businesses and multinationals we develop methods, tools and implement projects to adapt to climate change.

Ceci n’est pas une Holding is part of long term strategy & scenario development and project initiation relevant to climate adaptation.

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Niet Rotterdam

We bought a piece of land safe from rising sea levels, increased city heat – or climate change, to give back to all citizens of Rotterdam.

“Niet Rotterdam” (Not Rotterdam) is a piece of land of 5300 m2, 150 km upriver, in Limburg – a province in the South-East part of the Netherlands. Part of the Meteopolis exhibition about Rotterdam in 2060. Curtesy of municipality of Rotterdam, WeatherWise Cities, and the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

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Verveeld & Verward

Verveeld & Verward creates uplifting interventions with backbone. We connect people, places, imagination & clearcut reality. We believe good design can empower vital change for society and our climate crisis.

Verveeld & Verward is an Art & Impact company, co-founded with Dorine Baars. We collaborate on autonomous to client based work.

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Follow the Sun Global Challenge

A solution driven continental challenge. The challenge shapes the development of tangible solutions to real problems. Multidisciplinary teams of young professionals from metropolitan cities on different continents are set out to develop a solution for a challenge that their city experiences due to climate change. In the finale each team presents a thorough business case. The winner receives a generous budget to launch their product or service.

Five teams of young high potentials were formed in Chile, India, Australia, Kenya and the Netherlands. Each team developed a concrete solution to combat rising sea levels and floods in their respective regions. The (online) Grand Final, won by Chile, can be seen here.

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Circular Design Europe

Circular Design asks for a different approach of the design process.

Erasmus+ funded. Together with 4 other countries and 8 different companies we co-developed curriculum for design education – methodologies and courses – piloted by groups of students in Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain. We developed an open education platform offering access to various methodologies, tools and insights.

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> co-author of book Best Practices in Circular Design
> co-author of Handbook on Circular Digital Fabrication
> co-author of Teaching in Circular Design


PlasticTwist aims to change the perceived value of recycled plastics, by building a platform that functions as a marketplace for ideas, expertise, half-products and finished concepts.

European Commission funded. Together with 7 other countries and 9 different companies we co-developed a platform that uses blockchain technology as a backbone for the exchange and valuation of recycled plastic resource materials and products. We have led a Dutch pilot resulting in multiple recycled plastic concepts and potential start-ups, a consumer engaged plastic diet and a plastic playground festival concept, alongside various scientific studies.

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BroodNodig (Urgently Needed) is a foundation that campaigns to reduce and collect bread-waste throughout cities, with electric vehicles, and turns it into biogas to be used for city heat.

Bread waste is about one third of all food waste, and therefore poses a huge problem. We have developed the fully sustainable infrastructure and engineered a digestion system to create biogas from breadwaste. Bread(waste) is so energy dense, one bread in a digestion machine equals 1 hour of cooking on one stove.

Co-initiated with Angelique Vandevenne and Paula Zwitser.

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Sneaky Fitness

The city is our playground. Sneaky Fitness designs and develops urban interventions using motivational nudging methodologies. Citizens are nudged into movement due to our main focus of providing fun interventions in the public space. Our research proved that 56% of children that passed were motivated to move.

We have developed several simple yet effective urban interventions such as a speed camera that records your running speed, guerilla interactive floor tiles, timed-buttons and many more.

Sneaky Fitness is a design agency, co-founded with Eva van Coos.

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City of the Future

We exhibited a small scale circular and sustainable City of the Future, visible in the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Project lead: Tanja Koning.


High quality ink for 3D printer market – filament, but made from recycled plastics such as bottles, dashboards or insides of refrigerators.

Co-founded with BFF.


A complete house made from recycled plastics? It is possible. We researched and found solutions all over the world, ranging from roof tiles to staircases to curtains to construction elements.

Co-developed with Charlotte Boonekamp and BFF.

New Marble

co-founder, patented
Marble-looking floor and wall tiles made from recycled PET bottles.

Co-founded with Daan Levy and BFF.



A refrigeration system on solar energy for the world in development (people living without electricity), built using local materials and local knowledge. A modular and culturally adaptable system that can make ice during night using daily solar heat.

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